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How Do I Stay in Shape??? Let Me Count the Ways.

This has been the most commonly asked question of me. More than ANY other question EVER! It has always been “How do you stay in shape?” “How do you keep your weight down?” Now, okay, I’m gonna tell you the secret. Continue reading

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Even If You Don’t Think You’re a Hot Bitch…

Seriously, you think that models always look great and always think they are perfect looking?? I mean, really, they’re human. Some have big noses, some have big thighs, big front teeth, fine hair that lays flat… Should I go on?? Continue reading

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Weigh In

People think you have to be a stick figure to look good in clothes. It’s true that most high-end clothes are made with a size 4 or 2 in mind. The reason runway models are so thin is because there is a thought that the clothes hang better on a body with less meat. Continue reading

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This Hot Chick’s Take on Style

This is my take on style. On fashion, you gotta be honest with yourself. Not every style looks good on every body! Continue reading

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Decor on a Smaller “Chick” Budget

The place you live in should be comfortable to you. It’s where you start your day and where you end your day. A little, shall we say, enhancement can go a long way. Continue reading

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