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People think you have to be a stick figure to look good in clothes. It’s true that most high-end clothes are made with a size 4 or 2 in mind. The reason runway models are so thin is because there is a thought that the clothes hang better on a body with less meat. It’s not my thought, but it is a thought in the fashion world. I remember this from when I worked in Italy as a model. In order to work more, I got very skinny. The skinnier I was, the more I worked. This didn’t make me necessarily happier… It did however make me hungrier. I know there is a viewpoint out there in the world, which is “If I were skinny, then I would be happy.” Believe me, I myself have thought it many times when I was younger. I have been under weight and over weight and was feeling the same level of “happiness” at both sizes… IT’S NOT HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Your weight is not the thing that gives you confidence. One time when I was trying to find a dress for some event, I met this woman. She was very tall and a size 14. Man, this gal was the most confident women I had ever met. She really owned her body. She owned her size. She was truly a sexy, beautiful woman. She didn’t think she was “big”; she knew she was hot. Therefore, I did – and probably everyone she came across in her life did too. Of course the bottom line in life is to be healthy. That’s all you should care about. But unless you’re a jockey for a living, stop giving a shit about the scale and get healthy. Really take an honest look at your body and dress in clothes that accentuate all your great assets… And own it!!

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  1. Erin Hall says:

    Great post – As someone highly involved with the National Eating Disorder Association, this post is a great message. It’s about health, not weight.

  2. I’ve been a size 0 (I’m only 5′, so that’s not too small) and a size 20. Even at size 20, I focused on some positive parts of me that I found to be attractive. You’re right–it’s the attitude. When I lost my weight (for health reasons), I lost that safe “shell”. People began to notice me much more. They opened doors for me, they smiled much more, etc……. It was easier being heavy! I had more issues with my body and looks when I got thinner! I became much more critical of myself. It’s yet another book I could write about. No matter what weight you’re at, if you are happy with yourself, it shows. Just do what’s healthiest for yourself though.

  3. I agree. It’s about feeling healthy and fit emotionally and physically!!

  4. Joni Foster says:

    Absolutely true Michelle! Throughout my life I’ve ranged from too thin to obese. Being thin doesn’t make your problems go away, but being fit and at a healthy weight made me better able to deal with my problems.

  5. Just a comment, not a criticism, but your hair is beautiful when it’s lighter and it makes you look younger!

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