On December 4th, 2013,   in PARENTING,   by Michelle Stafford

Um… Let me ask this important question: Was Charlie Brown always such a bum out? Did I miss that when I was 6? I just watched Charlie Brown Xmas with my daughter and I wanted to throw a sock at the TV. Continue reading

On November 15th, 2013,   in MEN,   by Michelle Stafford

“Men love me more than you!” “Men want me more than you!” “I’m prettier than you!” “I’m skinnier than you!” “I’m younger than you!” “My boobs are bigger than yours!” “I have more followers than you on Twitter!” Lord… When did women get so mean with each other? Continue reading

On August 14th, 2013,   in BODY,   by Michelle Stafford

Okay, I get MANY woman asking me about fertility and infertility. This is the deal over here gals (and any of you guys who want to know about my “woman parts”): I am actually quite fertile, there just were a couple other things that were lagging with me. Continue reading

On July 29th, 2013,   in PARENTING,   by Michelle Stafford

So you go to the kid’s basketball tournaments and ALL of the kids get a trophy. Not the best… ALL. Now, what does this say? “You’re all the best.” Well, they aren’t all the best. Continue reading

On July 28th, 2013,   in PARENTING,   by Michelle Stafford

Man, I have so much and so little to say about this subject… Where do I begin? Well, first, I love how I thought I knew everything about parenting before I was a mother. Man, I had so many opinions on raising kids when I was childless. I knew it all. Continue reading