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This is my take on style. On fashion, you gotta be honest with yourself. Not every style looks good on every body! Seriously, if you have a belly, please don’t wear low-waisted pants. Accepted it! You can’t wear them. Sometimes you have reached a certain age and can’t wear what you wore, say, 20 years ago. ACCEPT IT. I could go on about this point but I think you all get it. Accept your body type and dress in a way that makes you look good and feel good, not in a way that makes you look like you are trying to look like someone else or look younger or older. Listen, I gotta do this too. I have a very long waist. Those little baby doll dresses that hide the waist look horrible on me. They just make my ass look big. I know they were all the rage at one time, but I couldn’t wear them. I don’t care how popular a style is at the time… If it doesn’t look good on you, it just doesn’t look good on you. Always wear something that flatters your body type… I promise if you do this you will always look like the belle of the ball.

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  1. Jill Hillson says:

    I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you for your excellent performance as Phyllis on Y&R. Of course you’re leaving Y&R now that I had just finally stopped being a Phyllis hater — figures. Also, I really want to mention, and no doubt you are already aware of this, but you are a dead ringer for Rene Russo. Are you related? Anyways, good luck with The Stafford Project.

  2. Just wanted to say, Thank you for the 15 yrs of enjoyment… You will be missed by all of
    your Y&R fans. Just remember, you can always come back an take over once your out
    of that coma……..Watch out Sharon>>>>
    Best of Luck to you Michelle in all you do….Will be watching your web series.

  3. Invest time in yourself to find out what styles are right and wrong for you, it will be worth it. I admit that at times it is hard not to follow the crowd and who doesn’t want to be hip every once-in-a-while? But wearing what is best for your body shape vs. but it’s the rage right now thinking will be your best recipe for success. Just look at Michelle- she knows and she looks fantastic.

  4. Gurl, please you look fine! Keep doing what your doing. I’ll meet you there in a few months….

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