Even If You Don’t Think You’re a Hot Bitch…

Seriously, you think that models always look great and always think they are perfect looking?? I mean, really, they’re human. Some have big noses, some have big thighs, big front teeth, fine hair that lays flat… Should I go on?? The difference between them and you is that they are big bullshitters! Yep! Bullshitters! They are PRETENDING they are perfect… Meaning, they are HIDING their flaws and basically pretending the flaws aren’t there. If they have big front teeth they accentuated their eyes. If they have big thighs they wear dresses that put focus mainly on their shoulders. If they have fine hair they get extensions. NO ONE is perfect! But some are just pretending they are perfect and then we all think it too… You get it? Lead with your strengths, girls. We all — EVERYBODY — has strengths. Use your time and find out what they are. Work on strengthening what is good and wonderful about you and soon you won’t even notice the rest… 

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  1. Ann Mendoza says:

    I wish you hadn’t left y&r. U r missing all the fun and how summer and Sharon r messed up. jack needs his Red.back.he needs to get rid of kelly. And belong with u.we have been waiting for u to come back and wake up from the comma.

  2. Ali Bentley says:

    Exercise is essential… I had a breast reduction last yr and now I can run track (soO happy). I remember reading something about how you use to be a chubby child, and didn’t like yourself too much…. a child being chubby… that’s not a new one is it. I like who I am & loving the adventure of life! 😉

  3. What you have done so far in your life, is amazing and as a woman and mother you have to be damn proud, you rock! Seriously I am just a somebody that lives everyday at a time, I admire what you can do and how you do it and that you are so passionate about everything you touch, your are a sizzle of fire with a soft breeze.
    You are definitely someone I look up too and look forward with your further projects and have to say , going to miss you mad on Y&R, but you have much more to do, I get it!
    Looking forward to following your life adventures, as someone (me) being not so pretty, not so skinny, and a little jaded, you make me want to be a better person. Thank you
    Till then, keep your spirit on fire.

  4. I love what you have to say and your outlook on life !!

  5. Michell, I surely have missed you on Y&R it’s not the same anymore and now Billy’s gone which really pisses me off, but I’d like to no where you got that black hat with the white stitching I love it and where do you shop for all your cute clothes you look so great! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family (p.s hoping your sis is doing well 😉

  6. I have always loved your flair for fashion …where did you get your dresses (on Y&R)?

  7. There comes a point in life when you look in the mirror embrace the beauty of your flaws and keep it movie. the day you stop comparing yourself to the fabricated ideal standard of beauty is the day you have become comfortable in your own skin…and therein lies the true definition of beauty!

  8. Sarah Taylor says:

    I saw one of the photos of Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn on the front page, back stage at the Oscars shortly before GH became Princess Grace of Monaco. Interesting that those two ladies were your choice since neither (especially Grace, she was my cousin) thought themselves beautiful at all! If Grace and Audrey worried about looks, I think we all just gotta *stop* being our own worst critics!! And just as it is not OK to belittle someone for being a larger weight/size, it is also very hurtful when you’re on the opposite end of that.

  9. this Stafford Project I hope it makes it. Do u not understand that to me i could listen to u and u would actually help.You say thank you but .i will b counting on u n u wont b there.. .u will be greatly missed. As u I was born in Chicago, n i have been trying to get back for three yrs. I was tricked into a marriage n moved to ny to b a gud wife, i dont drive, i think what would Phyllis do. Iam happy for u but lost n I will find u i n ur new site.Thank you n b Blessed!

  10. I am so happy for you Michelle, you deserve this break to focus on your baby girl and all your qualities to share with us. I always knew that “Phyllis” was not you and I look forward to be one of your followers with your new site. Love Linda

  11. Tracy Rozler says:

    You are my new favorite read. Love your passion and your comments are dead on. I will continue to check out your site. You are very inspiring. I too just left my job. I hope things work out for you. Hope one day you will come out of that coma and look even more amazing! Be fabulous!

  12. Sinny says:

    I think if we don’t love ourselves, no one else will.

  13. Lan McGaha says:

    Straightforward and wise. Lovely!

  14. Yep your right Michelle. It’s important to be the best you can be, then be kind to yourself and love the skin you’re in. This is key to “liking” yourself.

  15. 🙂 thanks Michelle for sharing… like Adrienne said about, hope women off all ages can understand this!

  16. Thank you Michelle for sharing the above and hopefully females of ALL ages will eventually understand that NO ONE is PERFECT. We each need to find ways of camouflaging our flaws. I Love this! Wishing you the Best in your future endeavors and I will miss your portrayal as Phyllis on Y&R. There is already a void of a strong independent, loving, caring, giving, compassionate, passionate-passionate female on the show. Missing your presence as Phyllis.

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