Decor on a Smaller “Chick” Budget

The place you live in should be comfortable to you. It’s where you start your day and where you end your day. A little, shall we say, enhancement can go a long way. Let’s start with the living room, beauties. A couple of pretty pillows put on a sofa really can make a difference. You want something with color. You always want some color in a house. Sunflowers are cheap and create a really nice, happy space. When I was selling vegetable choppers at swap meets for a living, I had very little money but would buy sunflowers and put them in vases around the house.

Okay, now the bathroom: first, this room should always be clean. It can get messy really fast. Having nice, white, clean towels on the rack makes a huge difference! I love white towels in any bathroom, but you can buy any color that goes with the room… As long as they’re clean. Clean is the main thing here! It is important to keep your space clean. Clean makes everyone happy. EVERYONE. I have never heard anyone say… “Lord, I couldn’t spend anymore time in that house, it was so clean.” There was a study done that showed that people who are clean make more money than people who are messy. I, myself, get more things done when everything is in its place. I feel better. There’s less going on to clutter my head. More on this later.

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  1. Ali Bentley says:

    I just put a whole bunch of those cheap wooden (that you have to go out and buy a cordless black&decker drill to put together to make WAY easier) shelves up; and lots of those plastic see through containers for (stuff) to fit into those cheap wooden shelves. WAY more room now. I’ve been here for about 3yrs… wanted to move OUT the first time I moved in, but it’s a small town and not a lot of choices. I’ve painted two rms white… with border (to give it a little story). Single mother can’t afford too much 😉 I’m not good with colour.

  2. I like the Gladiolus, lots of color for very few $.

    Love you Michelle! xo

  3. Judy Rogers says:

    Love everything about michelle stafford, phyllis!!!

  4. LOVE white. White towels and sheets are easier to wash on hot and bleach. I’m just beginning to make all of my own organic cleaning products. I’m done with the expense and chemicals in my products. I can make a years’ worth of laundry detergent for $30 now! No more Tide smell!! You can even make your own bleach! Who knew? No more candles. Put a dab of vanilla extract (yup, I make my own!!!!!) on your burner and turn it on for a minute. It fills the house with a soothing scent. Lavender extract drops work wonders also! I love making my apartment inviting and cozy, like an upscale hotel. Keeping it clean and neat is the key.

  5. Wendee Bauer says:

    I live on a small ranch where I raise horses and rescue both cats and dogs. Suffice it to say, my home is about as clean as it can be. The best advice I ever got was to streamline, streamline, streamline! Also, think ahead. I have all hardwood floors that make cleaning up messes SO much easier. Each litter box “station” comes complete with it’s own broom, dustpan, trash can with cover, small bags and scoop. I have a Dustbuster in every room and an extra big laundry room, especially designed for doing large amounts of wash. I love my animals dearly, but they certainly keep me busy! 🙂

  6. I love a clean, white, airy classic look but I could use help placing a little color here and there. I will look forward to more comments and hints from you. You’re absolutely right Michelle- when my house is cleaned and picked up; so is my mind. This is very important to me and I expect you as well as it helps keep you focused.

  7. Hi Michelle!
    I myself love a clean home with everything in it’s place! I use a lot of family photo’s of my children parent’s seems to make it seem like their always with you! Love window’s without treatment but have plantation blind’s I open during the day.

  8. I can definitely relate to everything being clean and in its place. I feel like I can’t breathe when everything is messy. Ok…maybe I’m a little OCD. Lol…but, I’m a Virgo, too. Don’t mess with me when I’m cleaning! Love your sense of style. I follow you on Pinterest as well. I live in Florida and love the light, airy, beachy look. Not seashells everywhere…yuck…just the beachy colors…aqua, sand, etc. 🙂

  9. Good morning, Michelle, greetings from Ventura County.

    Hope this finds you well and happy.

    We became home owners, last year, and decor has been all consuming. My husband and I had a deal, new house, new stuff, so, we tossed almost every piece of furniture when we moved, thus, we had to start from scratch in a bare house. It’s been quite overwhelming.

    We discovered we have 3 styles, what I call frou-frou, which is the ornate, palatial and opulent, the tropical from our trips to the South Pacific, specifically Bora Bora, and the high tech, which involves lights, colour and sound. I recently learned that ornate with tropical is called British Colonial.

    Our bathrooms are tropical themed. The guest bathroom is also used for our parrots, changing their water, replenishing their food, etc. We tried to find an LED faucet that allows the water to change colours to go along with the rainforest mural and the interactive lava floor in their room, but couldn’t find one with a brass finish, they’re all chrome or nickel plated, we passed on that. The master bath faucets needed replacing, so we chose dolphin faucets.

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