How Do I Stay in Shape??? Let Me Count the Ways.

This has been the most commonly asked question of me. More than ANY other question EVER! It has always been “How do you stay in shape?” “How do you keep your weight down?” Now, okay, I’m gonna tell you the secret. I’m gonna answer this once and for all. Ready??? Okay, girls, get ready for this. Here’s the secret… When I put bad shit in my mouth I gain weight. When I put good shit in my mouth I lose weight… How ‘bout that? Yep, that’s the secret. When I eat cakes and candies I gain weight and get cellulite. When I eat lean meats and vegetables I lose weight. Also, if I sit on my ass all day long my body looks out of shape. When I exercise my body looks in shape. It’s that simple. There are lots of people making lots of money on diets that they created to make you all skinny, and yes, they all work! All of them! The common link they have is you are putting good shit in your mouth. It’s only after you finish the diet or go off of the diet that you start gaining weight again… It’s because you started putting bad shit in your mouth. Listen I’ve been overweight and underweight. I’ve lied and said “I don’t know why I’ve gained weight” Yes I did! It was because I ate that brownie fudge ice cream and ate that Cinnabon at the airport the other day… Seriously, it’s a no-brainer. Do yourself a favor and be honest with yourself. I mean, really, everyone is onto you anyway. Eat the good shit and walk your body around, and yes, you will lose weight…

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  1. I love how you don’t beat around the bush (Australian slang for straight shooter), this is so so true. Quite frankly I needed that kick up the butt. Love you blog. Only found it today!! Such an easier way to think about it without all the fluff xx

  2. Ali Bentley says:

    yep… well put. Just what do you eat?

  3. Michelle, you are a beautiful. If you’re not on an episode of Y&R, I don’t always watch it! Please keep up the good work and stay sexy!!

  4. Hi Michelle I am so sad your off my favorite show y&r but glad to know you are on here. Your awesome!!!

  5. Matter of fact, I am watching your interview on Home & Family right now. Pulled up your site and …. WOW… get up and move.
    One of the comments, Thank you, yes a pound of fat = a pound of muscle, 10 lbs of fat looks MUCH worse (larger) than 10 lbs of muscle.
    Fate I was watching today. Thank you Michelle.

  6. Alice King says:


  7. Margo Angulo says:

    Michelle what ever you are doing is excelllent!!! who cares what is heavy! you look fantastic. and your daughter is gorgeous! Miss you on Y&R tho…..keep up the great work

  8. Tom Austin says:

    I hate the term “diet”! More appropriately it should be “Life Style Change”. Eating carbs make you fat. Eating fat clogs your arteries and does not make you fat. Like Michelle said, it’s all about eating lean meats and veggies(low carb life style). Want to loose weight faster, throw in some exercise. Simple!

  9. KimR says:

    Sugar and carbs bad combo. This low fat crap is a fad. As Michelle said. Good stuff you lose. 🙂 well said

  10. Perhaps, the real question is how do you refrain from putting bad shit in your mouth when it taste soooooo damn good?

  11. So true!! I hate to say it but the old saying “You are what you eat” is so true! But you have to move it too. Love your new project!! But you are so great at what you do .

  12. KIMBERLIE says:

    Love the new Project and you are right on what you eat.

  13. That’s putting in simply. So true. Moderation is the key in life. I went from a normal size 0 (for me) to a size 20 after having my kids and sitting around and eating too much food. It wasn’t “bad” food, just too much. I finally found a program that clicked for me b/c I put in the work with it and had tons of support and knowledge. I maintained my weightloss for over 7 years and then they asked me to work for them! I began counseling clients and I could write a book about the psyche of women who want to lose weight. Most weightloss plans will allow you to lose weight. It should be healthy, and you need a lifelong plan to maintain that healthy state. Maintenance is the tough part! What is also key when you have children, is to focus on the health aspect; NOT WEIGHTLOSS!!! Too many kids are ending up with eating disorders. Just get informed and do the best you can. That’s the best example for your little ones!

  14. It is true!!! You are what you eat! We need to exercise to stay in shape and eat GOOD FOOD! I feel so much better when I go for my LONG walks. Being in the sunshine state I swim in our spring, summer & fall (in the winter here the water is too cold…except for the North & Midwest travelers)! Michelle you look GREAT & HAPPY!
    Much LOVE! LUCK & HAPPINESS! Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!
    I LOVE your new site:-)

  15. I will miss watching you on the Y&R. You are great in playing your part. I don’t know how they are going to replace you. Just like Mrs. C, no one can replace her. Jeanne Cooper will be greatly missed. It’s hard to get used to new actors taking over some ones character who’s been in that role for many years. Good Luck to you in your future endeavors.

  16. I think it’s EVERYTHING Michelle said and ALSO staying hapy by being true to yourself. Being physically and emotionally healthy and active! You won’t lose weight or stay healthy sitting at home crying and feeling sorry for yourself!! Thanks for your honesty Michelle!!

  17. samlaw928 says:

    Michelle, you ROCK! Drop dead gorgeous, body like crazy awesome, million dollar smile, so witty. We will miss you! WAKE UP and throw everyone off, then kick Sharon’s ass. Whatever happens, I just adore you. Love ya! Back to fitness, what’s the exercise routine? I going for yoga and pilates. I’m with a previous post, make a Michelle Diet Plan and video. Talk about inspiration!!! Best to whatever the future holds! Thank you for brightening an hour of my day for all these years (and an hour of sit ups while watching – perfect combo, and perfect motivation!) Hugs to you, Red!

  18. Penny Deasy says:

    I totally agree with the clean eating concept…just wish I had more time for exercise…but I know it works!

  19. Blue Bear says:

    Michelle, sorry to see you leave on Y&R you were great. I hope what ever direction you go have many blessings and good luck

  20. Kathy Briggs says:

    Your awesome. I just started watching Y&R about 10 yrs ago pretty much religiously – I would tease my family about it saying I didn’t like it because it seemed about… oomph, but boy I was so wrong. Its such a great show, so well written with such great talent. Anyway, Your such an incredible actress and so gorgeous. Best Wishes and congratulations on being on mother. I’m 50 yrs. old and don’t have any kids but think that its such an honor to be called “mom”, about the most important job on earth when done well. Thank you for sharing your story

  21. Angela Webb says:

    Yes Michelle, that makes so much sense! I have learned in my 40’s that if I do not eat healthy, try to exercise..then I am going to look terrible!

  22. Janet Rubino says:

    I miss you already, and ur still in the Y+R hospital bed…..I’ve watched only Y+R since the very first day….I am happy for U if this is really what u wanted to do….We all have to chose our own path. But I will say that ur “Phyllis” will be sorely missed, I cant think of any person in daytime that can fill ur shoes…..Good luck in whatever U do, U paid ur dues….

  23. I love how you keep things real by “shooting from the hip”. I saw you in person many years ago when you gave a question and answer interview in Syracuse, NY @ Shoppingtown Mall, do you remember? My impression of you were that you were very fit, loving. personable, and beautiful person who knew what you wanted out of life and look at you now! Forging ahead with character. laughter, and I can do this attitude. I will be watching your new series but I will not lie- I will miss you playing Phyllis on the Y&R. Best of luck Michelle.

  24. pinkytee says:

    You look great and it is because as you said you eat right and you exercise. Simple

  25. Telling it straight up! Love it!

  26. Joni Foster says:

    Michelle, you’re my kind of chick. Like I always say, “A little common sense goes a long way!”

  27. Wendee Bauer says:

    I love a girl who uses her brain! 🙂 It’s not rocket science is it? I have been a vegetarian for most of my adult life, which I fully attribute to my excellent health at 42. Amazing things happen when we cut out meat and dairy! And I have always made exercise FUN! My favorite is swimming, but the best investment I have ever made is a good quality treadmill. For the past 15 years I have walked my ass off (literally) watching my peeps in Genoa City five days a week. Simple, easy and FUN! 🙂

  28. I just love this….thank u for being straight forward. MyIDOL

  29. Perfectly said, simple and true. But what we REALLY want to know is HOW to keep the tasty shit out of our mouth!!!!!!!!!
    Wait until you hit 50 and the metabolism is no more!

  30. Coming up next…The Eat Good Shit Diet by Michelle Stafford; followed by the Get Off Your Ass workout program. Loving it, Michelle. Can’t wait for the web series.

  31. Nicely done! Love this whole site 🙂

  32. Anna says:

    Love this Michelle!! Point Blank-Simple-and Straight to the Point! Eat good stuff =lose weight, eat bad stuff= gain weight.

    People don’t want to take responsibility for their own health, they would rather have a magic potion that melts the pounds away for them. My husband and I recently became vegan and we are on this journey to really better ourselves. You really are what you eat! (I recommend everyone to watch Forks Over Knives)


  34. svigenerisunus says:

    I think you look absolutely fabulous Michelle!!! Everyone carries their weight & muscle differently. You look healthy & svelte!

  35. ^ muscle weighs more than fat. Keep up the great work Michelle.

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