Single Hot Smokin’ Chick Decor

If we’re talking about “doing it as a single chick” decor, then lets really discuss it. Ready?? Okay, all you single girls, I’m gonna break it down. First get rid of the copious pillows on your bed. No more than three decorative pillows on the bed and no less than two. More than three says “I don’t want anyone in this bed but me and my pillows” and less than two says “I just don’t want anyone in this bed.” It’s gotta be inviting… That’s all. Also, get rid of the hot, single pictures of yourself anywhere in the house. Listen beauties, he knows you can look hot; that’s why he’s there in the first place. Hot, single pics of yourself are for your mom and your ex-boyfriend, not your walls. Okay, now, make sure the smell of your house is inviting. Get rid of the Glade house scents. Get rid of the cheap-smelling candles. Honestly, the majority of the men out there don’t notice this, but believe me they will notice if your place smells bad. And by bad I mean a moldy smell or musty or cat pee or any kind of smell that comes from the animal!! This is a really important one that people don’t talk about… You know, once I dated this guy. I was so enamored, but he smelled like Tide. It threw me off. I mean, I still liked him, but was confused by the strong oder of laundry detergent. I should be happy that he was cleaning his clothes at least, right? Bottom line: you wanna make your living space a place someone will wanna come back to… Got it? I think you do. 

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  1. We miss you so much, no one can play your row better than you. So think about coming back to Y & R.

  2. Yankee Candles are great. So are Bath & Body Works Candles. I’ve always been complemented on how clean & fresh my house smells & looks. Not to mention how nice the decor is in my home lol!

  3. Bad smells are a real turn-off for both males and females as it makes you uncomfortable and you tend to focus on what that smells is and where is it coming from instead of being into the person you are with. Smells can also give the impression that you are not on top of your surroundings and in the upkeep of your home. I don’t want to give the impression that I am slacking so I am on it. My next purchase is a nice aromatic candle; goodbye Walmart.

  4. Joni Foster says:

    Can totally relate to the Tide story. My hubs likes the smell of Gain!

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