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Ahhhh!!!! The subject makes us crazy!! CRAZY!! It’s the topic of most “girl conversations.” They are always on our minds (even if you don’t want to admit it). I love men!! They are beautiful, complex, interesting, loving, thoughtful, fun, and more sensitive than we give them credit for.

Ya know, when I go pick up my daughter from school, sometimes I hide and watch the kids for a bit (yep, kinda like a stalker). I really notice how much more assertive and focused the girls are. The boys (for the most part) are “rough and tumble,” but the girls are completely focused on what they want. They kinda run the guys around. I don’t think that ever stops — you married chicks know that that never stops!

In the world these days, we are being condition to think that men are “dogs.” And yes, some are. I have known great men and not so great men. I have known great women and not so great women. I think the bottom line is that you always get what you give. I have seen women dress like whores, parading their goods out, and then upset that men treat them like whores… Ummm, but you are dressing like a whore, right?? And no judgement. I’m all for a great “filthy whore” night. But know the game. Know the game you are playing. Don’t put it out and be pissed off at what you get back.

So I don’t really know the point of this blog… I’m kinda rambling. I think at the end of the day, be honest with yourself, love your men for the interesting, complex guys they are. Society is tough on men these days. We don’t have to be tough on them too…

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  1. You are so funny! Have always been my fav on the Young and The restless, I was so bummed that you were leaving but I am super stoked to find you here! I luv The Stafford Project and cant wait to see more!!!

  2. Dion Ingram says:

    Hi Michelle. Wow! I’m glad I ran across you and your blog. I love the way you write. What you wrote about men I guess I knew but hearing it from someone as yourself really hit me. Your sooo right,…. They are sensitive and the society does give them a hard time.Thanks. I don’t have a big sister however the hole time reading your comments, again it felt like you we’re talking directly to me giving me advice..
    Thanks and you do make a great mom…..
    Dion from Charleston S.C… I’ve been watching the young and the restless for yearrrrrrs…bye

  3. You are funny and love reading your blog posts. This is my first time visiting your site. You’re truly amazing. Miss ya on Y&R and support your current/future activities. One question, your reality show…is it online only? Could it be on cable? Or possibly on Netflix (they add captions). Or where do I watch the shows? Are they captioned? I’m deaf. Or possibly transcripts I can read? Just wondering. Take care and have fun.

  4. Totally agree with you, Michelle. I am one of the lucky ones who has been with the same amazing man for 20 yrs. Now, he is 20 yrs older than me so we are kind of level on the maturity front. 😉 I think men in general get a bad rap from us chicks. Some of the most satisfying friendships I have had have been with men. I think we as women can get so caught up in all the qualities we want in a partner. I say: open your minds and realize that not one man is going to have each and every one of those. Every person in our lives is going to let us down at least once. And we are going to (hopefully unintentionally) let them down in some way.
    My mother was a single mother and she rocks. I felt so loved and nurtured that I really and truly didn’t need that father figure. I know, some people would point out that because my love is 20 yrs older than I am he is my father figure. Nope. He is hot and he rocks the guitar. Nuff said!

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  6. Loved techno. Keep them coming hope your enjoying.

  7. This is just an opinion but really tell these people to screw off nobody has the right to tell a mother how to raise her child, every child deserves happiness and security I believe you can give her that alone or not when you are ready to share right now have her all to your self have fun and love her … for always.

  8. Michelle doesn’t need a man to raise her daughter because her daughter has her mother. My daughters graduated from college and didn’t have a dad in the house and we were fine without one being around.. Why should we settled for someone if they aren’t going to make YOU happy? That’s the stupidest response I ever heard.. Keep being you Michelle.. You’re doing an outstanding job raising your daughter alone… Look, if Mr.Right comes along, that’s swell but if he doesn’t F anyone that thinks you’re wrong for being the heavenly mother you’ve always been…

  9. svigenerisunus says:

    I don’t know who that human is that keeps commenting on every post and doesn’t seem to write coherent sentences but it is quite annoying. Have an opinion but don’t be rude. You can tell how much Michelle loves her daughter by what she says and the pics. Her child will have an awesome life with a mother that is so doting. Sometimes fathers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be anyway…depending on the man.

  10. PauliSeven says:

    Say that her daughter needs a father, seriously, it’s none of your business and stop saying that, especially since it can be hurtful! and I grew up without a father and I had a perfect childhood and thanks to my Super Mommy!!!

    • I agree here. One happy loving parent is all a child needs. Be it the Mom or the Dad parent does NOT matter. Couples who stay together for the sake of the children and are miserable are NOT doing their kids any favor. A child is better off with one happy parent than two that are unhappy. This is 2013 get with the program. And who are you to comment anyway that Michelle’s daughter needs a Dad? It is none of your business. Not for any of us to say. Just for Michelle to say… Her life, her daughter, her business. I feel she is one great Mom and person!! God Bless you Michelle.

  11. Greg Kennedy says:

    Very good words. As a man, I truly appreciate a woman who is confident in herself, and is more than willing to tell me when I’m being a jerk. I like to think that i am confident enough to listen to her criticisms, because I know she loves me in the first place, and feels free to be truthful (with respectful wording, of course). If neither of us can feel free to be truthful and respectful, then what’s the point in the first place?

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