Heartbreak??? Just Go Get Another

Okay, girls, we have ALL had our hearts broken. Honestly, if you haven’t had your heart broken you haven’t lived… I mean how are you gonna find the good one to compare to the last asshole who cheated on you or treated you like crap? My RULE OF THUMB about heartbreak. My surefire way to get over a broken heart is this… GO FIND ANOTHER ONE. That’s it, go find another! How many men have you been with in your life? All of them meant something to you, right? Every time you broke up you thought, “Oh! I will never meet another guy like him” and then you met someone… better!! Even better than the last one! There are SO many people out there! So many! GO get another! Yeah, ya know, take some time to chill with your girls and maybe think about what you could have done differently and figure out what you want next time, but get back on that horse man! Jump into the game! The best way to live life is to really, really live it! So go for it, okay?!

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  1. heyyouconnie says:

    Let me tell you a true fact, there are only two kinds of men. Listen up!

    There are only two kinds of men.
    1. The man who makes enough money to hire the “Fix It Guy”.
    2. And the “Fix it Guy”

    My second time around the block I found the “Fix It Guy” and have been happily married for 15 years. If my hubby can’t fix it, just throw the damn thing away. IT IS WONDERFUL!

    ….and he brings me breakfast in bed every weekend. Everyone has something to love about them, just choose the right “thing”.

  2. It wasn’t umtil my 40’s that I learned what I want out of life. You only get one chance to live life and all I want is to be happy and enjoy each day as it comes. I am a lot sronger, calmer then in my 20’s. I look at some marriages and relationships and think my god I am glad that I am single. The game playing , the passive aggressive crap. I will never settle again for something that is not good for me .

  3. Samuel Veta says:

    I’m a big Y&R fan (I’ve watched it since it began – and even did the ‘cue cards’ on it when it first started – as well as having worked on it several times as a ‘background’ actor). Your character Phyllis is one of my favorites and I’ve been waiting for her to come out of the coma to bust Sharon! I can’t believe you’re quitting the show. Especially after just watching your Web Series – I think you should stick to Y&R! Sorry…….

    • The Stafford Project is brilliant! Michelle is beautiful and extremely funny. The episodes “It’s just a heart” “The French Assassin” ect I could SO relate. We will all miss Phyllis but apparently the universe has other things in store for Michelle and I think she’s on the right track! Her talent is impressive and I think she should have her own show! That’s how good she is!

  4. Jean Heath says:

    Stonger than me, had a 2 and 8 year old to raise, now – seems all the men around here are married, gay or more screwed up than I am.

  5. Michelle, I think you are awesome..but besides that I was married at a young age of 18 and it only lasted 2 years and 2 children. i have just recently got remarried on june 14th of this year to a wonderful man.. took me a long time to find the right one but he was worth the wait! cant wait to see whats new and upcoming with you!

  6. Michelle, I think you’re an awesome actress. I have watched you on Young and the Restless since the beginning. Phyllis, at the beginning, was a character fans hated, but that’s what makes you unique. For fans to hate you means you’re doing a damn good job. I will miss you on Y & R, but I look forward to seeing you on the The Stafford Project. I know it will be a success. I’m hoping eventually, you may consider doing a short term stint on Y & R just to wrap up the major storyline with Sharon. All in all I’m rooting for you. Better days are ahead..

  7. Michelle, I understand you want your career to take a new journey as a single chic…however; those of us who have watched you develop Phyllis Newman on Y & R “DO NOT” want to see you go! My husband and I want the show every day and we feel you are one of the “BEST” actresses on the show. Please reconsider your career path and try to include a come back…or at least allow Phyllis to wake up and get even with Sharon! Think about it from two of your “biggest” fans…

  8. The old saying of “life is too short” means hit the ground running, after you can walk away from Mr. Wrong, after you don’t just settle for what isn’t working for you, after you had enough and say that you deserve better. Believe it, then do it; go after what you want. The goal in life is to have more better days on earth than bad days so keep moving ahead to the future you want. Happy hunting!

  9. pinkytee says:

    NEXTTTTTTTTT has always been my answer.. fuck em if they can’t take a joke is another motto of mine 😀

  10. Ayleen Gray says:

    Third time was a success for me after two men did not know the meaning of loyalty. Interestingly enough however, I am afraid it is going to get worse for those out there looking for a mate that doesn’t cheat! It seems to be the “Thing To Do.” Every aspect of the Media, and the theatrical world promote it, with no REAL consequences, like heartache, child delinquent behavior, depression and other illnesses that result from divorce and/or separation. Let alone the diseases that can come from multiple partners. If I was one of those looking for a mate in todays society…………….I wouldn’t!

  11. kathleen says:

    Never give up on love. I believe there is a perfect match for you. It will happen when you least expect it. Sometimes a friend can be the perfect person in your life. It’s so easy to talk to a friend and no expectations. Sometimes love just grows out of attraction and similar interests. Never give up!!!

  12. Paul Risman says:

    As a male id like to respond to your post. I have many great female friends that ihave watched over the years go from relationship to relationship. What my opion is on going out and finding another man is as follows. I feel that whats most important is not to rebound. Looking for another man right afterwards is not a good thing. The most important thing is for you to redefine yourself and who you are aswell as what you really want in life. Rebounds only destroy anything that could become of a new relationship. simply put good things come to those when they least expect it. Its called good karma. You have all the time in the world to make sure you find the right soul as your life long partner. Never settle for less than whats best for you. My rule of thumb don’t look it will happen and never settle for less than what is best for you as you are priority number one.

    • Well said Paul. I am all for those that want to move on to other relationships but I am tired of being judged because I have decided not to date anymore at this time. I have made a decision to not date while my son is still home. I am concentrating on being a mom. This does not mean that I do not do anything just for me but I am extremely secure in who I am and I do not need a man for any purpose in my life. I am extremely self sufficient and do all the “man’s” jobs around the house so I choose to remain single.

  13. Joni Foster says:

    It took me 40 years and 3 marriages to find ‘Mr. Right.’ I didn’t even really have to find him. I wasn’t looking–he just happened along. It seems that after all those years of looking the real key was to just let him find me!

  14. svigenerisunus says:

    Great post! Positive thinking…

  15. Yes….the best way to get over someone, is to get under another. Teeheehee. hahah. Love this post!

  16. Pj Smith says:

    Well, the rule of life! If at first you don’t succeed try, try again! You always learn something even ifs wrong! LOL

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